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The workshop will use techniques such as role playing, games, simulation, among others. You will discover you through multiple lenses, stereotypes and categorising others, the meaning of colour, understanding others, belonging and the ability to problem solve collaboratively.

Awakening Youth Identities
Awakening Youth Identities

Adolescence and Young adulthood are periods of extensive exploration of identity. It is a moment when values begin to solidify with internal and external forces playing with and at  times against each other. Saffron Global Health works with youth in groups to explore their awakening identities.

Adult Life Transitional Identities
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Adult Life Transitional Identities

As we move through different life stages our identities change depending on our experiences, occupation, emotional or spiritual life and the social, political and 

economic context around us. Working in a group this workshop facilitates discussion and sharing of these life transitions. The workshop will use techniques such as role playing, games, simulation, exercises, movement and discussion.

Workplace & Identity
Workplace & Identity

Team members in organisations develop unique identities that help create a strong culture and work spirit to improve well being and performance. Saffron Global Health works with organisations to foster and help team members understand how their multi-dimensional nature in and outside an organisation influences their daily work and personal life for greater effectiveness. The workshop will use techniques such as role playing, games, simulation, exercises, movement and discussion.

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Tailored Workshops
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Tailored Workshops

We can create a workshop the (that) addresses the needs of your group by developing new exercises and processes. 


In Person – We can work with a group of up to 12-15 people in a workshop format to maximize participation. 


Online – Our workshops can be adapted to occur online with people all over the world.

Identity Intersection With Art

Art is a powerful and safe medium for individuals to express thoughts, emotions, and experiences on identity. Art can serve as both a mirror in reflecting the artist’s identity and experience and a window which viewers can again insights in different identities and perspectives. Through this workshop individuals will experiment with various interactive artistic exercises to explore multiple aspects of identity including the self, the other and belonging.

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Hear What Others Are Saying About Our Workshops

“We were able to break out of our perceived stereotypes and meet each other as human beings, on an equal footing. During the discussions, we were all able to realize our own richness and the resources within us to overcome our problems. In a spirit of collective intelligence, we were able to share and develop ways of overcoming our problems, complementing each other, building on each other and seeing and perceiving each other differently. It gave us confidence, strength and strategies to better manage our lives. “

-(Andreas, Executive Director Refugee Centre Switzerland, EVAM)

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