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About Us

Throughout our life we go through periods of extensive exploration of identity. 

Saffron Global Health founded by Nita Chaudhuri, PhD, MPH seeks to facilitate change through novel participatory processes to learning and development. Throughout her career Nita has used several interactive pedagogical techniques to simulate scenarios of exclusion as they relate to access to good health. A consistent emerging theme arising from her work has been related to identity. 


The project “Identity-Dialoguing with the Other and Myself” therefore arose over a need to work with people on their personal and social identities to minimize inner and outer conflict and allow them to live with differences in peace.


Dr. Chaudhuri is a global public health professional. Participatory and interactive methods guide her facilitation, teaching, research, policy and programme development. 


She works locally and internationally including Canada, France, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Mexico, India, South Africa, Egypt, Bangladesh and Ghana for organisations such as the WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and IDRC as well as in the private sector. She is an adjunct and visiting professor at the American University of Paris, Maastricht University, Erasmus Public Health and the James Grant School of Public Health. 

Dr. Chaudhuri works in English, French and Bengali. Her interests include Identity exploration and problem solving, health inequalities, environmental health, children’s health and the environment, innovation in public health interventions.

“Everyone has the power to embrace their own identity and accept and work with others to problem solve and make change."

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a safe, comfortable space for people to discuss and explore and embrace their multiple identities and to accept the identities of others.

Ou Vision

Our Vision

To create a world where inner and outer conflict are minimised through an exploration of personal and social identities by learning to live with differences in peace.

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