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Global Health Consulting & Development

Saffron Global Health works in other areas providing faciliation, teaching and learning, project development, evaluation and research skills.

Please contact us on how we can develop a project, course or research with you.

In addition, to sound grounding in the scientific and social science literature, the teaching, learning and research approach uses experential and problem based techniques where interactive exercises, simulations, games, role playing and problem solving tools are used to explore a variety of topics.

Topics include:

Health and Environment
How do chemicals in our environment affect our health and how can we avoid them?

Climate Change and Health
What are the concrete measures to prevent, mitigate and deal with the effects of climate change?

Food, nutrition and health
What foods are good to be strong and healthy throughout life?

Air quality and health
How is the air quality where we live, work and play affecting my health?

Sexual and Reproductive Health
How can we ensure that we have healthy sexual relationships and reproductive health?

Gender and health
How does gender influence my access to good health?

Infectious diseases
What are some strategies that can be used to prevent the spread of infectious disease?

What are the most innovative methods to improve hygiene?

Global health and Conflict Resolution
How do we resolve competing priorities in health? How do we resolve conflict which impacts health?

Project management
What are the best tools to develop and manage health projects?

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