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Identity and blended origins

Identity-Latinx physician, LGBTQI+ healthcare advocate, migrant

Identity - Third Culture Kid and Expat

Identity - Influence of Social Media

Identity - Women leaders in STEM and Global Health



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Identity and Blended Origins

Episode Description:

Welcome to our podcast on "Identity and Blended Origins." We are speaking today with Devon and Leila who are cousins who between them are of Swiss, Polish, East Indian, Dutch, Russian and Canadian descent carrying Canadian, French and Swiss passports. They speak to us about their experience as blended people and how place, geography, physical appearance and multicultural policies among other factors influence the way they are perceived and how they perceive themselves. Devon and Leila will share their common experiences but also how these experiences differed growing up in Canada, France and the UK and tips on what it really takes to understand their identity.

Join us for this in-depth conversation.


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Identity Dialogue -Latinx Physician, LGBTQI+ HealthCare Advocate, Migrant

Episode Description:

Dr. Juan Román Mora is a Latinx Nicaraguan Physician, LGBTQI+ health care advocate and immigrant. He speaks to us about practicing in a heteronormative patriarchal system and how his identity and compassion speaks to communities that are underserved. He also discusses how the migrant identity exposes people to different health risks and how as a migrant physician he can identify the needs of this population. Finally, he impresses the importance of listening to yourself to understand your true identity.


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Identity - The Third Culture Kid and Expat

Episode Description:

Dr. Anna Marie Ball is a Canadian Behavioural Scientist that has had an illustrious career in international development spending much of her time in Africa. She discusses the influence of growing up in Zambia in Africa as a white Canadian third culture kid and later her role as an expat has had on her identity and sense of belonging. She tells us of the realization that she couldn’t be Zambian because in part of her colour and her campaign to understand Canada as the country she was told she was from to understand her identity. Finally, she talks about belonging as not just being from a place but being made up of relations, feelings and experiences.

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